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My Mission

There is so much fear surrounding parenting in our society – both within ourselves (“If I don’t [fill-in-the-blank] then my child will be spoiled and out of control”) and as a means of coercing children (threats, punishment, force, manipulation, shame, etc.). This is how most of us were raised and it’s how we’re conditioned by society to raise our own kids. But this fear erodes at our instincts and intuition, our confidence, and most importantly, our connection with our children. My mission is to help eliminate this fear and reclaim our intuition and positive influence as parents. To trust our children’s goodness and to trust God’s perfect design. I believe the key to this change is to tend to the heart. To heal our own hearts from pain and trauma and harmful conditioning. To nurture, connect with, guide and inspire our children’s hearts – to influence them in a Christlike way. To work with them rather than against them. To look beneath behavior to the unmet needs that are driving it. My goal is to offer a different perspective than the mainstream, to help shift our society’s view of children and the parent-child relationship, and to help families heal. Please join me on my journey!

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Hi, I'm Niki

Wife, mother of 3, parent educator, and follower of Christ. Thanks for being here!

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